Discover the most incredible holiday destinations with Babor Spa

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Already the trip itself to one of these dream destinations is hard to excel. But being abel to experience the unique ambiance of highest exclusive pampering moments, the holiday dream is surely coming true.[/dropcap]


Caribbean Design Dreams

The small antilles with their crystal blue water, white sand beaches, coconut trees and rum are indescribable. The atmosphere: something between Reggae and deep relaxation. And in between lies the enchanted island out of coral and limestone: Anguilla. On her is located the Viceroy Anguilla Hotel, which makes a ultra-hip event out of the caribbean dream. Extraordinary Interior Design mixed with abstract art and purism comes up with high-effective facials in the spa.



Très chic, très Paris

The institute Paloma is located in the golden triangle of Paris. Between Champs-Elysees, Avenue Georg V and Avenue Montaigne, the mecca of the haute couture. A true ode to the woman, who wants to feel less as a client and more like being home. There you can let dangle your soul and give yourself up to the all-over- pampering-program. Because the treatment rooms look more like stylish living-rooms than impersonal treatment cabins.



City escape

Breathtaking lime avenues, the intense blue of the ocean and soft tracks in the sand. Just one hour auto-drive north of Hamburg lies not only the resort of the superlatives tremps but also a piece of a perfect world. The Weissenhaus-Grand Village Resort & Spa am Meer was renovated for about 70 million euros with love to details and beautiful northern german charm. Around the white castle, buildings from the 17th century are situated including the former coachman house, today home of the luxurious 1500m2 spa, where you are pampered with effektive, innovative BABOR facial treatments.



Balien villas

High over the Indian Ocean the Alila Villas Uluwatu sit enthroned on the south coast of Bali. Who wants to book “a room” is at the wrong place. The guest live in villas at the Alina Villas Uluwatu. The view over the cliff from the Cliff Side Cabana is almost too perfect to be true. Luckily that only a few steps away you can digest your impressions: in the Alila Spa.


So, let’s just close our eyes and dream away to one of those incredibly beautiful spots that we can call our BABOR Spa partners.

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