With weekend 2 finally over, we know one thing is for sure — everyone wanted to look their best at Coachella! Whether it was to let the world know they were actively hitting the gym, or to show off those outfits many, many hours were spent putting together, we hope everyone’s goal of looking good and having an eventful weekend was a success! Of course even with a successful weekend comes some negative factors. All that time spent in the desert heat and sun probably took it’s toll on the skin, adding MORE stress, dullness and damage than it already needs…SOS!

To help combat this, BABOR created exclusive festival kits for VIP and top tier influencers with some of their favorite products to take along on their festival journey. Our goal was to help these influencers and models feel more confident and ready for any photo opportunity as well as give their skin the recovery it needed. With their select BABOR favorites, their skin was bound to look radiant and glowing even while in the desert.

Keep reading to see who was involved and what was included in their BABOR Festival kits!

Festival Kit

Their essential festival kits included everything from beauty ampoules, like the #BeautyQuickie detox, to BABOR Repair Lip Balms, and fun accessories to carry around the festival.

Below: Nadia Mejia


Although Coachella, what seems like one of the biggest fashion event nowadays, may be all about the good vibes, good music, and good times, the desert heat is an ultimate stress factor on the skin with lasting consequences — enter the #BeautyQuickie beauty ampoules.

The #BeautyQuickie pack came complete with 7 vials of BABOR’s high-performing active beauty ampoules — 4 Hydra Plus ​ampoules and 3 Active Night ampoules. The Hydra Plus ampoules were to be used in the morning, as they instantly hydrate and plump skin, while the Active Night ampoules were to be applied before bed, as they actively work during the deep sleep phase allowing one to wake up to a perfected complexion. Literally, from the first application,  there would be a difference in skin tone and texture… G-E-N-I-U-S!

L to R: Britt Rafuson, Sydney Wheeler

BABOR Lip Repair Balm

Now with skin in check, time for the lip factor. Clearly, no one would want dry, cracked lips at one of the most documented and photographed festivals of all time! Containing pure natural oils from avocado, soja, sesame and olive, our girls were able to keep their lips soft, luscious, and chap-free with BABOR’s Repair Lip Balm.

L to R: Kaylee Ricciardi, Sam Black

Other Festival Accessories

It wouldn’t be a complete kit without some fun accessories to carry around the stomping grounds of Coachella! Bandanas, disposable cameras, and bags were included with our super hero skincare products. Everyone was able to snap the memories while looking good in the dust storms. Can’t forget about the specially designed cases to carry around the ampoules in!

Photo 1: Bri Barnes + Cait Barker
Photo 2: Sam Black + Bri Barnes + Kaylee Ricciardi

As these exclusive limited edition BABOR Festival kits are not for sale, we will be hosting giveaways to give everyone a chance to win one. Stayed tuned and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @BABORUSA!


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