It is no secret that the basis to beautiful healthy looking skin is perfect cleansing, especially for the reason that skin care products can only unfold their full active power letting your skin look younger and brighter when there are no make-up residues and pollutants of the environments on the skin.

When confronted with all the variations of cleansing products it may seem hard to decide which one is the right one for your specific needs. To help you find the right cleansing partner, I made a quick Speed-Dating through the BABOR Cleansing products. Here are my candidates.


The classic

HY-Öl & Phytoactive 

Personally I am a huge fan of this deep acting cleanser: the 2 -phase – cleanser system with HY-Oil & Phytoactive Sensitive. You have to spend a little more time on your cleansing, which might be annoying after a long night, but it is totally worth it.

The smooth HY-ÖL® used in combination with the Phytoactive removes all oil-and water-soluble impurities deeply without leaving any feeling of tightness. My skin feels as if it can breath again, looking incomparably smooth, relaxed, rosy and fresh.



Mr. Proper

Gel& Tonic 2in1

The Gel & Tonic 2 in 1 is the perfect cleansing product for combined, oily or blemished skin. This refreshing, fat free cleansing gel with “integrated” tonic deep, cleanses quickly and uncomplicated. The additional active complex based on BABOR’s exclusive Detox-extract of the Odermenning plant counteracts blemishes and new releases. The result: a perfect clean and smooth feeling on the skin.  This cleansing product does not work as a daily cleanser for my dry skin, but sometimes it is great!



The Spashy

Mild Cleansing Foam

When pumping the liquid of the mild cleansing foam out of the dispenser it transforms to a rich, creamy foam. The BABOR exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria has an astringent effect, while bisabolol and panthenol supply the skin with intensive moisture. My complexion looks wonderfully relaxed, soft and radiant – my absolute favorite product when I am in hurry.


The lusty

Enzyme Cleanser

Does your skin looks weary, tired or grayish? The fine-grain cleansing and peeling powder with Vitamine C and enzymes provides your skin with new vitality in seconds. Mixed with water, it creates a
light, foamy lather that cleanses deeply yet gentle. Thanks to the soft peeling effect, the micro-circulation of the skin is activated and the skin is revitalized. Your complexion will glow rosy as if you are newly in love.


Gesucht-Gefunden_Mild_CleanserThe softy

Mild Cleanser

This velvety smooth cleansing milk cleanses soft and gentle and is suitable for very skin types. As cleansing without water, the uncomplicated emulsion is easy to use. The BABOR exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria has an astringent effect while selected active, anti-stress ingredients such as bisabolol, ginger and panthenol calm the skin, even as you cleanse. I have never seen my complexion looking as fresh and rosy as this.





The guardian

DOCTOR BABOR Detox Lipo Cleanser

The unique deep cleansing balm with an anti-pollution effect is really sensational. It melts on your skin with a wonderful warm feeling. Adding some water, the balm transforms into a creamy cleansing milk. Thanks to the extraordinary Lipo-Therm-Formula the pores open and even deep blemishes and pollutions are dissolved so that every  following skin care products can be easily absorbed. The Odermennig-Detox-Complex protects the skin from negative environmental influences and the complexion looks beautifully radiant with visibly refined pores.



The Sensible

DOCTOR BABOR Intensive Calming Cleanser

This ultra-soft and gentle cleansing emulsion has an intensively calming and balancing effect on my atopic dermatitis skin. It immediately reduces the feeling of tightness and unpleasant itching and is suited for very dry and hyper-sensitive skin.
The skin’s protective lipid layer is effectively regenerated. The lipid-moisture balance is optimally restored. The skin’s natural defenses are effectively strengthened and my skin recovers faster. All feelings of tightness are noticeably reduced and my complexion is ultra-soft and smooth.

I really hope I have helped you choosing the right partner in crime. 😉 and make sure you enjoy your daily cleansing even more.


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