With the first official day of summer coming up, we thought it was time to share our favorite essential products for getting our skin through the season! The sun can be a harsh deterrent on our beauty regimes, which is where BABOR comes in. Our unique array of products consist of everything you need to survive the harshest of rays.

Meet BABOR’s Repair Lip Balm

BABOR’s Repair Lip Balm is an absolute must-have to garner the full potential your lips have to offer. The Argan Oil in the balm moisturizes your precious lippies while avocado and sesame oils make sure to keep them nourished. With summer comes days of barbeques and family outings…aka endless photo opportunities. This beauty necessity will keep your lips looking luscious and smooth. Everyone will wonder how you got your lips to look so supple and soft. Trust us, you will never leave home without this essential.

Meet BABOR’s Cleansing HY-OL and Phytoactive Base

The combination of BABOR’s Cleansing HY-OL and Phytoactive Base make for a great dual system. Both products work together to give your skin the boost it needs. BABOR’s Cleansing HY-OL is a must on the days you are outside and in public. This cleansing oil acts as a vacuum, removing all evidence of the dirt you accumulatedthroughout the day on your hike, camping trip or even outing to the mall! This product expels all residue from the face without leaving behind a trace. Our HY-OL beauty essential acts in the most natural of ways as it rids the body of excess dirt in the calmest of manners. The pure oils found in this cleansing oil such as soybean, sesame and peanut, leave us with rosy complexions and a feeling of tranquility. When combined with our Phytoactive Base, you will notice how much it complements the feeling of your skin. This step is a must, as it enhances the cleanse you are providing your face with. So if you want to purge your skin of the evils of the day, make sure to add these vital products to your daily beauty routine.

Meet DOCTOR BABOR’s Glow Bi-Phase Ampoules

DOCTOR BABOR’s Glow Bi-Phase Ampoules work with ALL skin types and conditions. Whether you are a Grecian goddess or get a sunburn on your way to the mailbox, these beauty ampoules will alter your skin in ways you never thought possible. This beauty must-have fights off the bullies we know as aging and dull skin by perfecting both tone and texture.

If you want to feel young again, DOCTOR BABOR’s Glow Bi-Phase Ampoule’s active ingredients will have you looking youthful and radiant in no time. For detailed directions on how to use our Beauty Ampoules, refer to THIS blog post.

Now that you’ve been introduced to your newest beauty obsessions, make sure to check out our products HERE!

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