Meet our special edition beauty ampoule sets; perfect for tending to just about any beauty concern you may have: Night, Moisture, Anti-Stress and Multivitamin. Each set comes in a trendy, limited edition package and contains a selection of perfectly curated beauty ampoules to transform your skin. 


Need your beauty rest? BABOR’s Night Ampoule Concentrates are the perfect solution
for when you need to rejuvenate tired dull skin. This set includes seven Active Night
Fluid Ampoules that help revive your skin as you sleep. The concentrate contains black algae and salix nigra bark extracts that help stimulate cell metabolism, leading to a brighter fresher complexion. Pop one open and apply right before bed, so that your body can rest while the concentrate does its job of restoration — the ultimate beauty sleep.




Moisture Ampoule SetMOISTURE

The Moisture Ampoule Concentrate set is one of our favorites, as it is the perfect solution to reinvent and restore dry, parched skin. We love using this during the summer since the sun tends to dry our skin out. With hyaluronic acid and algae extract to quench your skin’s thirst and restore it back to its moisturized self, your skin will thank you. This set includes four Hydra Plus Active Fluids and three Algae Active Fluids…the ultimate moisture combination.





Anti-Stress Ampoule SetANTI-STRESS

Does your skin need a timeout? Another incredible special edition set is our Anti-Stress Concentrate. This stress-relieving set of ampoules treats skin by helping to counteract sensitivity caused by the stressors of daily life. The set includes five Stop Stress Fluid containing extracts of wild indigo to help support beta-endorphin synthesis; and two Triple Booster Fluids containing Panthenol for an added hydration boost. This pairing aids in cell renewal, smoother skin, and a more even appearance. We suggest to use this set when you can feel a break-out approaching — it helps stop aggravated skin in its tracks.





Multivitamin Ampoule SetMULTIVITAMIN

Those with dull skin are in perfect hands with our must-have Multivitamin Concentrate set, aka the vitamin bomb! The pairing of these active ingredients result in a revitalized and youthful appearance, targeting rough and stressed skin, and ultimately imparting a fresh and healthy glow. The set consists of three Revitalizing Oxygen Fluids containing encapsulated oxygen, and four Multi-Active Vitamin Fluids containing Vitamin A, Provitamin B5, and Vitamin E; a heavenly duo.






Be sure to pack these Special Edition Ampoules in your bags when taking off on your summer vacation. For more summer packing tips read 5 TIPS TO MAKE SUMMER TRAVEL BETTER THAN EVER

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