Just like with fashion, skincare trends come and go.  As technology and ingredients evolve, we are constantly changing the way we think about and care for our skin — and therefore, changing up our regimens accordingly. After all, who remembers those medicated, alcohol antiseptic astringents of the 1980s? Need I say more?

As summer gets ready to give way to fall, we’ve got the insight into the five skincare trends you need to try now; filled with high-quality ingredients that are easily accessible through BABOR and beyond. These trends, coupled with a healthful lifestyle that celebrates taking care of yourself fro the inside out, can impart visible change from the very first use. And never fear, there are no repeats of those questionable skincare trends from decades past, because some trends are best left as fleeting memories, don’t you think?



Exfoliating is a great rejuvenation process for the layers of our skin, but it’s imperative to treat our delicate dermis as such; with some serious TLC. Instead of vigorously scrubbing away those dead skin cells, it is vital to CALMLY remove impurities, makeup and other residue. BABOR Silicone Cleansing Brush not only achieves this, but also provides a stimulating massage that dramatically improves tone and texture. Time to brush up!








Hyaluronic Acid is having it’s moment, and given its incredible plumping AND hydrating properties,  this on-trend ingredient isn’t going away anytime soon. Keep skin healthy, moisturized and vibrant by incorporating great performance AND empowerment no matter what age you may be.  Want even more insight into the many benefits of hyaluronic acid? You got it —  read THIS.

Shop DOCTOR BABOR’s HYDRO RX Collection HERE, featuring this must-have ingredient, too.









Just as our bodies need leafy greens to stay healthy, so does our skin! Algae has become a hot trending topic, as it has innate healing powers to aid dull and dry skin.  The plankton algae found in BABOR’s Algae Active Fluid provides skin with concentrated moisture, leaving it with a revitalized and rosy appearance.  If your skin needs a reboot, algae is the way to go! Hot tip: Try a spirulina algae supplement, which provides the same nutrient-rich benefits to your body — from the inside out.







As we get older, skin loses elasticity and firmness, so it’s essential to incorporate skincare with tightening properties into that cleansing regimen. BABOR Cleansing Foam not only cleanses, but provides lifting, hydration, and toning — all in one on-trend product. Developed with Agrimonia Eupatoria — an essential ingredient for tightening and hydrating — this multi-tasking cleansing foam easily makes its way into our top-five on-trend essentials.






  1. ROSE 

Rose isn’t just for your grandmother anymore — it’s having a real on-trend moment and one that’s so well deserved. Whether it’s a spray or a lotion– there is no shortage in this delicious smelling and balancing ingredient that we have grown to love. The benefits the rose has to offer are seemingly endless; it acts as an antioxidant, anti-pollutant, moisturizer AND toner. BABOR Rose Toning Essence is the perfect product loaded with rose that is  ultra-refreshing and alcohol-free, so it  doesn’t leave your skin dried out. Our favorite thing about this product is that it is great for ALL skin types, too.





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