Come springtime, the deep cleaning rituals commence, and skincare is no exception. That means it’s time to shake off the dry, winter layers and show off that fabulous, fresh skin. There’s no better way to spring clean your skincare routine than with BABOR’s CLEANSING CP dynamic duo: HY-ÖL + Phytoactive.

The unique combination of HY-ÖL and Phytoactive was developed by combining the natural cleansing powers of water and oil to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. With more hours of spring sunlight, your skin will need all the help it can get. HY-ÖL and Phytoactive also help refine the skin’s complexion by removing any dirt impurities built up throughout the day, resulting in perfect cleansing and skincare synergy. This deep-action bi-phase cleansing system allows for skin to breathe freely, leaving NO feeling of tightness. Who knew spring cleaning was so easy?


So what exactly is HY-ÖL? Suitable for all skin types, HY-ÖL is a gentle hydrophilic cleansing oil that contains pure, natural, plant oils and quillaja extract. Quillaja extract acts like a dirt magnet which helps promote the cleansing effect. The pure plant oils help remove makeup with ease and blends completely with water to easily be rinsed off without leaving any residue. Your cleansing routine doesn’t stop there, though! After phase 1 of applying HY-ÖL, comes phase 2 — the phytoactive phase.


The phytoactive phase is an ideal moisturizing step to complement HY-ÖL cleansing. Selected herbal essences are tailored to four basic individual skin types to lend the complexion a fresh, rosy, appearance:

    Phytoactive Base: Mint, birch leaf and rosemary invigorate and refresh the skin.
    Phytoactive Sensitive: Lime blossom, hops and lemon balm calm and relax the skin.
    Phytoactive Combination: Sage, witch hazel and azulene refine and balance the skin.
    Phytoactive Reactivating: Sweet almond, jujube (Chinese date) and ginkgo biloba thoroughly moisturize and vitalize the skin.

Cleansing is a vital step in any skincare routine and BABOR CLEANSING CP products are definite cleansing MUST-HAVES for all beauty and skincare gurus! To achieve a beautiful complexion, it is important to thoroughly and properly cleanse the skin’s surface to allow it to be hydrated and rejuvenated. Not only does cleansing help prevent acne, premature aging, and dull skin complexion but it is also the best possible way to prepare the skin for subsequent skincare and makeup products. Get started on your spring cleaning today > SHOP NOW.


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