Leather jackets, darker hues and pumpkin patches are what the fall season is all about. Sadly, the much anticipated modification in weather brings about a change in our skin types, as well. During the summer you may have combination skin, but by the time fall rolls around, blemishes may appear on your once flawless canvas. Normal skin turns dry, oily skin turns normal – the alterations are endless! The transition from summer to fall can take quite the toll on our skin – so we have constructed a simple guide of tips and products you should be using for your fall skin type. Trust us, we know it can be hard to break a routine, but your skin will thank you!



In order to combat dry skin, make hydration your best friend! Not only will hydrating your body make you feel better, but it will also make you look better. Just as you feed your body water, you should also treat your skin to something extra hydrating. During these dry months, aim for ultra-hydration and moisturize EVERY day.

Pro-tip: Moisturize while your skin is already moist/wet!

Products we love:

Hydro 3D Gel Face Mask

HY-OL & Phytoactive Base

Rose Toning Essence

Hydra Plus Active

Oily When our skin is oily, it typically means we have a buildup of sebum. This leads to larger, more noticeable pores and the occasional breakout. Fall doesn’t typically bring to mind images of overly-oily skin – however, during these drier months, sometimes our skin counterbalances itself and produces an excess amount of oil.

Pro-tips: Don’t touch your face or moisturize too excessively. Be sure to wash your face twice a day – no more, no less!

Products we love:

Cleansing Gel + Tonic

Pore Refiner

Daily Mattifying Cream



Sensitive skin transpires for a number of reasons – the weather, stress, iron level intake, location, diet, overall lifestyle…all of these are just some of the causes of sensitivity. There is only so much we can do to withstand these obstacles, so it is vital to take care of your skin in a way that’s best for YOU! The fall season calls for a change in our skincare routines, so if you have sensitive skin, make sure you are sticking to creams, which tend to have more oil than lotions.

Pro-tips: Apply moisturizers and creams immediately after bathing.

Products we love:

HY-ÖL + Phytoactive Sensitive

Stop Stress Fluid Ampoules

Daily Calming Cream


If your skin can’t make up its mind as to if it is dry, oily or anything in between, you are dealing with combination skin. The weather has a major effect on our complexion – specifically the t-zone. While the rest of your skin remains dry, it is your t-zone that has a mind of its own!

Pro-tip: Use blotting wipes on oil-concentrated areas.

Products we love:

HY-ÖL + Phytoactive Combination

Intense Balancing Fluid Ampoules

Intense Balancing Cream


If you have truly normal skin with no blatant issues, it does not mean you do not need to treat your skin! If you want to keep it looking fresh and healthy, it is highly beneficial to use gentle skin-care products, so not to irritate the skin. Just because you may not see the effects that age and life in general have on your skin just yet – unfortunately it is happening.

Pro-tip: Try plant-based products.

Products we love:

Gentle Cleansing Milk

Algae Active Fluid Ampoules

Daily Moisturizing Cream


Whether you are a teen experiencing hormonal changes or an adult who maintains a healthy lifestyle – it is rather evident we are all capable of experiencing breakouts. Cleansing your face often and making sure there is no makeup or build-up from the day is essential to avoiding acne. Recharge your skin by giving it the necessary boost it needs with masks and peels.

Pro-tips: ALWAYS use a clean washcloth – don’t use it twice! Wash your hands often.

Products we love:

Purifying Active Fluid Ampoules

Cleanse and Peel Mask

AHA 10 + 10 Peeling Gel


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