[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]BABOR´s ampoules are really special. Regardless that these ampoules are BABOR´s most popular products, they have earned their reputation being little helpers with the most remarkable effects.[/dropcap]

These “mini” highactive concentrates filled up in practical 2ml portion bottles to support our skin with an intensive beauty boost and let our everyday sins vanish in no time. The high concentrate of natural ingredients guarantees a visible and touchable improvement already after a 7-days-cure.

For best results, I recommend a luxurious 5-week intense treatment. You can choose out of 12 different ampoules to cover the various special needs of your skin.

Find out which one suits you best, by checking you major concerns:

Hydra Plus Active Fluid

The effective concentrate for dry skin supplies intensive moisture, helps prevent moisture loss and boosts rehydration of the skin. The complexion instantly looks plumper, fresher and small lines and wrinkles appear smoothed out.


Algae Active Fluid

The vitalizing effective concentrate for dry and dull skin supplies ultimate moisture and helps activate skin functions with trace elements and amino acids.
The complexion instantly appears fresh, rosy and well-hydrated.


Multi Active Vitamine Fluid-Der Vitamincocktail

The potent and protective vitamin fluid for rough and stressed skin saturates the skin to help durably improve its resilience. The skin is strengthened with a fresh and healthy and ultra soft appearance.


New Skin Fluid-Der Versorger & Umschmeichler

The active ingredient concentrate for rough, flaky skin supports the regeneration of the upper layers of the skin. It regulates its balance of lipid and moisture and immediately gives the skin a pleasant and velvety smooth feel.

As the result the skin becomes smooth and supple again. Unpleasant feelings of tightness disappear and the complexion appears smooth and even.


Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid-Das Kraftwerk

Energy loaded, this high-powered fluid delivers encapsulated oxygen to the skin cells in order to activate cell respiration and regeneration process. The concentrate leaves tired, stressed skin looking vitalized and gives it a rosy glow. Furthermore it protects against environmental stressors and lends the complexion a youthfully fresh appearance.



Stop Stress Fluid-Das Relaxprogramm

This effective concentrate de-stresses and calms the irritated stressed and sometimes even itchy skin, especially in stressful situations. An extract of wild indigo promotes beta-endorphin synthesis, thus reducing stress induced redness and irritations. The skin responds less sensitively in stressful situations and has an overall smoother, stronger and more relaxed appearance.


Purifying Active Fluid-Meister Propper

For a perfect clear and flawless complexion this active ingredient concentrate is the perfect first aid against blemishes and pimples. The high concentration of shale oil and tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, thereby reducing existing pimples quickly and effectively so that the skin appears clean and refined down to the pores.


Intense Balancing Fluid-Die perfekte Balance

The intelligent active ingredient concentrate for skin with large pores and shine balances perfectly lipid and moisture of combined skin. Dry areas are moistured while the sebum production is reduced to eliminate oily shine, blemishes and help reduce the pores size.  The skin appears balanced and refined.


Collagen Booster Fluid

The smooth active concentrate is perfect to combat declining skin elasticity and the first signs of wrinkles. A highly effective tripeptide stimulates the skin’s own collagen production while supporting the regeneration of collagen fibres.
The complexion gets a firmer and ultra-smooth appearance.


3 D Lifting Fluid-Das Fitness-Programm

A different kind of face lift. As an intensively rejuvenating fitness program for the skin this fluid works three dimentional

  1. dimension: reduces lines and wrinkles
  2. dimension: tightens the skin and enhances skin’s elasticity
  3. dimension: strengthens the natural contours

The face look re-modelliert und erscheint jugendlich glatt und straff.

Active ingredient concentrate for wrinkles and loss of firmness. Beneficial organic silicon and extract of yellow poppy improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness of the tissue.
The skin appears smoother and firmer, the facial contours look younger and revitalized.


Triple Booster Fluid-Der Neustart

The regenerative effective concentrate anti-aging fluid reorganizes the skin functions that are responsible for a youthful appearance in three ways. triple effect

  1. noticable smoother skin surface
  2. more even and more radiant appearance Improving radiance and texture
  3. youthful fresh radiance

The skin recovers easier from negative environnemental stressores and looks healthier and smoother.


Lifting Express Fluid-Der Cinderella Effekt

The tightening anti-aging fluid with immediate lifting-effect reduces lines and the different forms of wrinkles such as mimical wrinkles and gravitational wrinkles. A high-quality polymer matrix and peptides in combination with red microalgae extract visibly reduce their depth which makes the skin immediately appear firmer and smoother.


If you are not sure which one of these Active Concentrates are the best ones for you or you want to cover more than one need of your skin, just try BABOR´s 5- week Luxury treatment, it is  just sensational….

Meanwhile I am an addicted fan of these little power packages.

I hope you feel inspired to try this amazingly powerful skin care BABOR offers in such a huge range .

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