Peeling Superpower

Our skin is in a constantly renewed process, produced at the new cells in the basal layer and the old are transported to the exfoliation or desquamation of the skin surface.

This natural process of skin renewal with concomitant shedding of dead cells is a process that is not uniformly carried out and the skin can often get an uneven, dull, rough or blotchy look.

Here starts the scope of the unsurpassed smoothness makers with the immediate effect, the peelings. Whether chemically, mechanically, on the basis of fruit acids or natural abrasive particles, peelings in their all their variations smooth the cornea, promote blood circulation and give the complexion a new healthy radiance. You can even refine pores and gain a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

BABOR offers five sensational scrub variantions, which can be applied perfectly to each of your individual skin needs.

Which BABOR superhero will come to help you depends on your current skin condition and the desired effect.



The mild, mechanical peeling with natural peeling particles of finely ground, rounded peach stones is ideal for regular use at home. Once or twice a week, the skin is freed of superficial skin cells and calluses. Additionally the skin is gently maintained with sesame oil.




This creamy, deep pore cleansing mask with peeling effect refines the complexion and makes it appear rosy fresh. Based on salicylic acid and kaolin, this mask prevents skin impurities, matted and reduces oiliness.




This fine-grained exfoliating powder on the fat and protein-cleaving action of enzymes and vitamin C is based ideal for sensitive skin or skin with impurities. It exerts its abrasive effect after 10-15 min. And revitalizes the skin by its gentle peeling effect.




FRUIT ACID PEELING – This exfoliating treatment with 6 applications, similar to the dermatological fruit acid treatment from the Institute, is perfect for the home treatment. The fundament of alpha hydroxy acids or short AHAs lead to that the uppermost skin cells are shed more quickly and biological processes are activated in the skin: The cell division is stimulated, encouraged the production of ceramides and supports the skin in storing humidity. This has the consequence that wrinkles appear mitigated, age spots are lightened and the formation of new skin cells is accelerated.


Tip: Those who wish to professionally go into a fruit acid treatment or are not sure about the compatibility, the first peeling application, if desired, could be embedded with a facial, to further enjoy the new treatment. Because during the intense exfoliating treatment, the renewal processes of the skin is massively accelerated and is particularly well accepting to care products, cell-strengthening, cell-nurishing and cytoprotective agents can now be easily absorbed.


BABOR MICRODERMABRASION – This exfoliating power treatment is exclusively available to the beautician. When Microdermabrasion calluses and dead skin cells are removed mechanically by fine sterile microcrystals. A special cosmetic device blows these microcrystals on the skin and sucks it through a vacuum directly up again. The effect is that the intensive peeling reveals your delicate skin with new cells, the skin gets the signal for cell renewal. Youthful appearance starts to radiate and a healthy fresh look.

Whichever of our superheroes you decided to take, it is imperative that you use it in connection with care products and a potent sunscreen.

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