[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Our moms are always by our side- not only as our best friend and confidante, they also give us most of the time the best advices in various situation.No wonder that they also know the best tips in terms of beauty.[/dropcap]


Do not forget to remove your makeup!

Probably the most popular advice that our mothers give us is certainly the one to remove make-up in evening. No matter how long the day was; before going to bed, there should always be a transition to the bathroom. In addition to brushing your teeth, it is absolutely important to remove make-up, dust and dirt of the day, so that the skin can recover overnight. It does not always have to be the extensive 2-phase cleanse. The emergency wash with an easy to use cleansing foam is always a necessity, no matter how late it is or how tired you are.


Stop those wrinkles on your forehead!

Who was not scared as a child of mom yelling at you “If you pull these grimaces any longer, your face will freeze in that position!” As a teenager I rolled my eyes when my mom said “Stop those Wiener wrinkles!” Now I know she was 100% legit. (Eyes rolling)) Although the frown has no immediately visible consequences, long-term results that come from constant repeated frowning, squinting or eye pinching, turn out to become wrinkles with the age.


The first mascara comes the eye cream!

When I started with makeup, my basic equipment consisted of eyeliner and mascara and thanks to my mom an eye cream. What I thought at the beginning was unnecessary, arises with increasing age to be as one of the most valuable tips. The skin particularly around the eyes is now even more sensitive and requires special care at times. Because regular makeup and cleaning ensure an excessive strain on the sensitive section. The sooner you support those parts, the better. Or how Mama always says: Prevention is better than cure!


Never cut your cuticles!

Good advice. Because the skin will grow back even stronger. Rather leave the finger in some cuticle remover and gently push back the skin with a wooden stick. In addition, a special cuticle care ensures that the cuticles remain supple and hands can appear well maintained.


Stay away from pimples and blackheads!

No matter how much it urges us to make the pimples disappear by pressing and finishing them off, but stay away … ..I know from personal experience what I’m talking about. The consequences of uncontrolled pressing and squeezing ugly spots on the face, can be much more striking than the tiny dots previously. At worst, there can be infections and scarring.

So rather leave the skin cleansing to a beautician on a regular basis.


Do not forget your hands!

The hands are not only showcase for a neat appearance, but also the age can be unambiguously read from them. Therefore, the hands should be creamed regularly, ideally after each hand washing. Age spots can be prevented by products that used a SPF. It goes without saying that the nails appear clean and well maintained.

What does not work: nail biting and around plucking at the cuticle.


What about the “total” face ?!

Ok, granted, who thinks about applying cream to neck and décolleté?

These games come too often left behind and the neglect is usually only discovered when it is almost too late. My mother always made clear to me that neck and décolleté belong to “big” face” and therefore must be maintained as well as the face itself. Especially the sensitive skin of décolleté and neck tend to sjow signs of aging even way before the face. This area can be kept in shape with the proper maintenance.


Sleep yourself beautiful!

Beauty Rule number one is probably drinking plenty and enough sleep. Here the beauty sleep is not only for our skin important but for our entire organism. Insufficient sleep can bring the hormones out of order – and that leads to increased hunger. In addition, the skin suffers from lack of sleep: Overnight, the skin renews, fresh cells arise. So, turn off the lights and close your eyes!


Shower yourself awake!

Ok, mom does not have to remind us about our regular personal hygiene, but however, when she does, she is right. It is healthy to finish the bath or shower with a brief shower alternating sequence daily.

The change from cold to warm water and returns our bodies on their toes and supports the microcirculation of our skin. This in return hardens and prepares for a firmer connective tissue.


I suppose you know most of these valuable tips and maybe some more that you will pass on as she did.

And don’t forget to tell your mom that she is simply the best!

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