Mild Face CleanserAs we go about our daily lives, our skin may be exposed to smoke, grease, dirt, and other pollutants present all around us. Especially since our face is more exposed to the external environment, dirt can easily accumulate on the surface of the skin, or get absorbed into the oils. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use products that help to rid these pollutants from skin of our face.

Besides pollutants, dead skin cells can also give the face a lackluster appearance. So to combat oil, dirt, breakouts, dryness, and a number of other conditions, using good quality facial cleansing products becomes imperative. A cleanser is a facial care product that helps remove oil, dirt, and other pollutants from the skin of the face.

How a Mild Face Cleanser Works

So have you ever wondered how the facial cleanser you use works on your skin? This information can be a very important part of deciding which facial cleanser to buy for yourself.  Do you want something with natural, effective ingredients? Do you like to stick with big brand names? Do you have a budget?

A closer look at how a mild facial cleanser works, can help you choose something that is most suited to your needs. Let’s find out how a facial cleanser works on your skin:

  • The first thing to remember is that splashing your face with water, while rejuvenating, cannot remove all the dirt, sweat, and other unneeded stuff from your face. This is because all the stuff that we are trying to get rid of is embedded in the natural oils on the skin. And we all know that since water and oil do not mix, we need something that will help the water to combine with the oil and remove the pollutants. This is where a facial cleanser comes in.
  • Facial cleansers contain chemicals called surfactants. These act as emulsifiers and have two parts- one part is water soluble, while the other is oil soluble. These two parts together perform the task of making the water and the oils on your skin to mix, so that the water can wash away the oil coating your skin that contains all the undesirable stuff.
  • While soaps and body cleansers also have similar chemicals and work the same way, the important difference lies in the fact that facial cleansers contain surfactants that are milder, and therefore, less harsh on your skin. This is also the reason why facial cleansers tend to be more expensive, since very mild surfactants cost more.
  • Another important aspect of facial cleansers is that the non-foaming kinds are the mildest. These contain such small amounts of surfactant that they can be wiped off instead of rinsed off.
  • Non-foaming facial cleansers do not come in contact with water, which means they can deposit more of their helpful ingredients (such as moisturizers and anti-oxidants) on the skin. Typically, non-foaming cleansers include creams, cold creams, and lotions (also known as milks).
  • Foaming facial cleansers, on the other hand, leave behind a refreshing sensation after rinsing off because they lather well.
  • There is also a third type of facial cleanser called a scrub that helps to remove dead skin cells. This contains exfoliating granules that make the skin smoother.

As you can see, there can be differences between facial cleansers and what they can do for you. Choosing something that works best with your skin, has pleasing results, and fits into your budget is what you should look for.

The Babor Mild Cleanser

Babor Mild Cleanser

There are many different cleansers available on the market, and choosing something mild yet effective is a good idea. This type of cleanser will not be harsh on your skin, but at the same time will be able to remove all the dirt from your face. A great mild cleanser to buy is Babor mild cleanser cleansing milk.

This exceptionally mild and gentle cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It contains our exclusive agrimonia eupatoria- an astringent, as well as anti-stress ingredients such as bisabolol, ginger, and panthenol to calm the skin.

At Babor, we pride ourselves for developing product formulas based on innovative active ingredients. Over the years, our products have produced outstanding results and won many awards for exceptional quality. Our company is headquartered in Germany and we do all our product research in-house with a collaboration of scientists and scientific institutions.

This ensures that we stand behind the quality of our products 100%. And our products deliver impressive results for you. Not many skincare companies can claim to do all this. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to check out our website for details, as well as for a listing of our products and ordering information, for special offers, and much more.


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