Febuary, 14th; Valentine’s Day


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]It is Valentine’s Day and everybody seems to be in love. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite “special day”: beside the overly and utterly romantic declarations of love, it should be all about kissing… a lot of kissing actually. [/dropcap]

Everything has to be just perfect on Valentine’s-starting from the outfit, to the make-up and the perfectly painted pout. To keep your beautiful lips, painted in vibrant seductive reds and pinks from smudging on teeth or boyfriend, I have put together an easy step-by-step tutorial that is definitely kiss-proof.


Step 1: Peeling

There is nothing more important than to start of with soft and evenly peeled lips. With the help of a normal facial peeling or your tooth brush to massage your lips you make sure to have a more even color distribution. On one hand you take off all dead skin cells from the lips at the same time you accelerate the microcirculation of this area. Your lips will instantly look more rosy and plump.


Step 2: Care

Following you will need a lot of hydration. Only when your lips are ultra moist, you will make sure that your lipstick looks perfectly smooth afterwards. There is no way to go for intense kissing sessions with a cracky, brittle pout. The Derma Cellular Booster for Lips is a wonderful way to soften your lips. Concentrated hyaluronic acid instantly makes them visibly smoother and reduces lines and wrinkles effectively. The lip area look plumper and contours more defined.


Step 3: Lip base

The third step is no must, put it makes a difference. If you apply concealer or a lip base now, you can prolong the duration of your lip make-up. I always use the Perfect Skin Illuminator in light 01 to do it.



Step 4: Lip liner

After that step we use a lip liner to enhance our contour. The color of the lip liner should resemble the one of the lipstick. Outline your lips first and fill them in generously, so that the contour looks as natural as possible. Since it is Valentine’s Day, go for red or pink lip liner.


Step 5: Lipstick

Finally it is time for the lipstick. Again, I would suggest red or pink. My favorite ones for this occasion are BABOR fruity pink or nude berry. The most precise application is through the help of a lip brush.


In case you are too nervous and have left some flaws, the Line Correcting Pencil erases any slips instantly.

Lipstick on the teeth? Not cute… To avoid this faux-pas, press your lips after lipstick application gently on to a tissue.


Step 6: Powder-Finish

Almost ready to go… The final step is to simply fix your lip make-up with transparent powder. That makes any lipstick absolute kiss-proof.


Beauty tip: To make your pout look fuller and plumper, overline your lips ever so slightly-it should always look natural and never as if you had had a lip injection 😉

Top everything off with a sheer gloss like Gloss Clear Shine that makes your pout sexy and adorable.

Ready you are for the most perfect Valentine’s Day. Enjoy kissing 😉


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