You know you want skincare products, you know why, but you’re at a bit of a loss as to what ingredients you should be looking for. One of the biggest problems with skincare creams, as you probably already know, is that many of those currently available on the market simply don’t get the job done and there are multiple reasons for that. The primary reason is that they are often produced at the lowest price point possible and sometimes the ingredients simply aren’t up to par. There are certain ingredients that you will want to look for in skincare lotions and we’re going to cover a few of them today.

Skincare Creams – The Ingredients You Need to Look For

There are quite a few necessary ingredients in any skincare fluids, so take a look at this list and make sure you’re getting exactly what you need the next time you lather up:


vThis is one of the most sought after though it’s likely not one you’ve heard of – it just doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as some of the others. Despite that it’s very useful and very necessary. AHA’s are designed to smooth the skin and they’re great for dry or sun damaged skin. Ultimately they bind moisture and encourage collagen production. In addition to that, they’re outstanding for patients with rosacea.


Now here’s one that you’ve heard of at some point! This is a substance that promotes healthier skin cells and increases the volume of skin support substances. Ultimately, your skin will have improved texture, it will be firmer, and it will be much more protective – that’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

Vitamin C

This is another one that you’ve already heard of, no doubt, and its entire purpose is to increase collagen production. It also reduces skin discoloration, improves repair process, and reduces inflammation. The ultimate function of Vitamin C is to ensure that the skin can withstand exposure to sunlight.


It’s a part of Vitamin B3 and it increases free fatty acid levels in the skin. It also helps the skin to retain water content which is necessary for many different reasons. Like other substances found in the best skincare products online, it helps to lighten skin discoloration.

Green Tea

You might not be drinking it but it helps out a lot when you find it in the ingredient list on the back of your skincare products. This is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, builds collagen, and even reduces cell damage.


It’s another antioxidant that has lots of benefits for the skin. If you apply it topically, it will protect against damage from the sun, helps to influence collagen production, and of course reduces cell damage.

Grape Seed

Now we’ve come across another odd sounding one, but yes, grape seed should be found in your skincare products. Like the last few, it’s an antioxidant that reduces free radical damage and even works alongside other antioxidants to boost efficiency. Grape seed also has wound healing properties, can fight wrinkles, and ultimately make you look younger.


BaborIf you were to look for this in nature, you would find it in the spice known as turmeric. Apart from the tastiness, it features anti-inflammatory properties, suppresses melanin, and helps to soothe chronic inflammation. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, this is one substance you want on your side.


These are already inside your body and they make up 20% of the skin’s intercellular matrix. Basically, it’s the glue holding your skin cells together, and you can’t suffer from adding more. In the face of sun damage, ceramides decrease and replenishing your supply regularly is highly beneficial.

These are then of the most important substances that you should be looking for in your skincare products – always read the label and always make sure that you are getting the best.

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