[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Whether bad weather or the most beautiful holiday weather at home, there are times when one wants to pack the bags and just escape. Fortunately, it is soon time again … The well-deserved holiday is approaching.[/dropcap]

As every year the holidays begin with the anticipation and planning for hotel, travel and especially what I take with me. I think I feel like most of you: The best is the whole household into a big bag. Unfortunately that does not work LOL. So priorities have to be set.

No matter where it goes, I can not do it without my cosmetics. (Clothes I may buy anywhere, but unfortunately my cosmetic not!!!)

What needs to go with me ….

Summer, sun, beach and sea

Clearly, when it comes to a summer vacation, you cannot be missing the proper sun care products for face and body. Especially in the first days or even weeks of vacation you should have a sunscreen with a higher SPF of at least SPF 30 for sensitive skin, which also adequately protects against harmful UVA and UVB radiation; Kids may even need SPF 50.

The optimal care for after sunbathing, something like a rich After Sun product, belongs in my holiday luggage, so that the damaged skin by sun, dry air and salt water can optimally rejuvenate. I find the After Sun Repair Lotion uncomplicated. The soothing agents are a real treat and care, besides the intensive moisture for a calmed, relaxed skin feeling.


Care with ritual

My personal care ritual in the warm season consists of my favorite combo ReVersive Cream and ReVersive Eyecream. I find that no skin care can make my skin look more radiate. In order to cleanse my skin from “make-up” (as it is in the summer rather the absolute minimum Version) I love the DOCTOR BABOR Detox Cleanser. The super smooth gel transforms with water into a delicate milk, with which I can clean my face including eye make-up perfectly without putting my skin under any additional stress.

I allow my skin an extra level of care during the evening with the Active Night fluid concentrate, which ensures a more active cellular metabolism during the deep sleep phase and a super recovered appearance in the morning.

No matter what your personal care products are going to be, definitely ensure that you pack them in your luggage. Especially with skin care, when a “fallback” is often no alternative.


Body Fresh

I am very much straight forward when it comes to personal care. However, on those hot summer days I just love a refreshing shower in the morning as a good start of the day or in between for cooling. This is the absolute greatest thing for me.

The Invigorating Shower Gel with its wonderfully vitalizing scent of fruity mandarin and lemony-citrus awakens the inner soul and leaves a super pleasant fresh feel. It also contains wonderful nourishing components that deeply hydrate my sun stressed skin.


Make-up & Co.

On holidays I like to avoid a full-face make-up – after all, not only me, but also my skin needs a break from “everyday stress”. Therefore I replace my foundation with a tinted moisturizer and in order to conceal small blemishes I swear on the magical effect of concealer. No way I would leave out my bronzer, which gives my look a much fresher appearance.

I usually dye my eyelashes before the holiday -that saves some time and the mess when going swimming for example. Mascara comes therefore only in use during the evening. But I always keep my lip gloss handy. It is very easy to apply it in between, without a mirror and immediately secures a seductive glossy finish to my lips.


On the Go

If you have only a few days on the road, I recommend to fill your favorite beauty products into small travel jars and bottles. This can not only save a lot of space, but makes air travel much easier and the weight is definitely noticeable in the suitcase.

I hope you enjoy your trip being perfectly prepared-no matter where you go.


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