[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]To be honest…. who doesn´t strive for perfectly flawless skin: smooth, glowing, poreless and wonderfully radiant. Unfortunately, a look into the mirror in the morning tells most of us a different story. Too often the truth of lacking sleep or male nourishing ourselves, not enough hydration, etc. is written right onto our faces: redness, dark spots, blemishes and dry patches on the skin… you name it![/dropcap]

What shall I say: Nobody is perfect.

Every day we give our best to look great. Luckily there are some outstanding skin care products helping to optimize the beauty of our skin.


Preventing Redness

Everybody with sensitive skin knows this problem. The skin reacts to almost everything: Cold, weather change, allergies, incompatible beauty products and even stress causing itching, burning, redness and this awful feeling of tension in spite of the natural acid protection code of the skin.

What to do

First of all, it is important to boost your own protective skin barrier to get relief. Don´t apply any product that increases micro circulation or irritating skin products containing fruit asset, vitamine C or Retinol.



DOCTOR BABOR Boost Cellular Stress-Relief Ampoules

The innovative 2-phase-ampoule is an effective serum-oil-mix. It combines intense moisturizing active ingredients with a desensitizing active complex to replenish the skin’s moisture reservoirs and makes skin more resistant in stressful situations. Additionally it calms irritations and redness efficiently. The result: the skin appears calm, even and free of irritation.



SKINOVAGE PX Calming Sensitive Cream

The ultra soft 24h-cream is perfect for stressed, sensitive skin. The rich formula helps to intensively calm and strengthen the skin while visibly reducing redness.  The result: A visibly relaxed, calmed complexion. The skin is less sensitive and strengthened against external influences.


Let your Skin glow-Pale and Grey Skin

A pale and greyish skin is mainly the result of an unhealthy lifestyle: too much nicotine, caffeine, stress or sitting in front of the computer as well as lack of sleep and exercise. All this causes a decreased blood circulation so that your skin doesn´t get an optimal nutrition supply. As a  result your skin looks tired, pale and unhealthy. It is lacking radiant and a youthful glow.

What to do

There is a lot that helps to activate and stimulates your skin. An alternating shower in the morning, a refreshing walk in the open air, drinking lots of water for hydrating ….all this brings your organism in bold and provides your skin with more energy for a vibrant complexion. Adding the perfect skin care products based on activating ingredients will make you the day.

To repair and balance your skin again, BABOR has designed a special skin care that works effectively.


Flawless_Multi Active Vitamin

AMPOULE CONCENTRATES FP Multi Active Vitamin Fluid

This effective concentrate for rough, tired and stressed skin is like a healthy smoothie for your skin. The potent and protective vitamin complex saturates the skin to help durably improve its resilience.
The result: The skin is strengthened with a fresh and healthy appearance.



REVERSIVE anti-aging cream 

Thanks to the exclusive BABOR precision formula with the high performance active ingredients, the youthful radiance of your skin is restored. In addition it may combat the breakdown of collagen fibers and prevents oxidative damage, delivering results you can see and feel. The result: Your skin looks more even and has a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance and glow.


Refining Pores

The reason for large pores is the over-proportional production of sebum combined with a defect of the surface of the skin. Calloused skin cells clog the pores, the sebum accumulates inside and expand them. Once enlarged, they stay enlarged.

What to do

A regular visit at your cosmetician will improve your complexion as well as products regulating the production of sebum. Additionally you should use a peeling on a regular basis to refine the skins surface.


das hier ist Plastik


reguliert die übermäßige Talgproduktion und verfeinern die Poren in dem Berich. Der Teint wirkt sichtbar verfeinert, mattiert und ebenmäßig.

The mattifying face lotion is ideal for oily or combined skin as well as to treat the t-zone area.

Balancing and intensively mattifying, as well as pore-refining, face treatment lotion with a very light consistency for combination and oily skin.
The result: Mattifies, refines the pores for a visible, balanced, even and matt appearance.


Preventing Lines

After the age of 25 you will remark the first signs of biological aging skin. The skin looses its elasticity, the cell activity slows down and the ability to bind moisture declines continuously. UV-radiation, weather influence, stress, unbalanced nutrition; there are many factors that increase and accelerate this aging process even more.

What to do

To prevent skin aging it is important to protect your skin from negative environmental influences like UVA and UVB radiation and to use intensive moisture donor like hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump.



DOCTOR BABOR Hyaluronic Collagen Booster Fluid

Das außergewöhnliche, intensive Wirkstoffkonzentrat auf Basis von Hyaluronsäure und marinem Collagen polstert die Haut regelrecht von Innen heraus auf. Das leichte Fluid wirkt intensiv feuchtigkeitsspendend und regt die hauteigene Collagenproduktion an, so dass der Teint sichtbar geglättete und jugendlich prall erscheint.

An active concentrate to intensely restructure and plump up the skin from the inside. Hyaluronic acid complex, marine collagen and Collagen Booster Protein work to restructure the skin and plump it up intensely. Also activates the skin’s natural collagen production, visibly improving skin density and firmness. Used in combination with Collagen Booster Cream, it enhances the plumping-up, smoothing effect of that cream.


Reducing Pigment Spots

Pigment spots are the result of an active irregular production of Melanin in particular skin cells. Cutaneous melanin is the natural sun screen against UV radiation. Unattractive pigment spots are conditioned genetically or they are caused by extreme exposure to sun .

What to do

Your skin appearance can be improved by using special peelings to erase the upper skin layers and to activate the skin regeneration. Effective sun protection products help to prevent new pigment spots.



DOCTOR BABOR Ultimate AHA 10+10 Peeling Gel

This next-generation AHA peel with an exclusive Exfolimax formulation contains a precisely coordinated combination of 10% fruit acids and 10% highly effective antioxidants including vitamin C and thiotaine. This synergistic blend of intensive exfoliation and effective protection will accelerate skin renewal and protect against premature aging.

The result: Immediately after the first application, skin has a fresher and more radiant appearance and the complexion looks more youthful. Visibly refines pores and smooth’s fine lines.


Good-bye to blemishes

Blemishes including pimples and black heads are not only a „ sign of youth“. Unfortunately more and more women suffer under long lasting acne (acne tarda) or acne that appears -after years of a healthy skin- when you don´t expect it anymore, as for example in your thirties. At this age you have to solve two problems- blemishes and lines. For all types of acne- the reasons are the same- excessive sebum production and simultaneously a strong cornification of the skin blocking the pores and leading to painful inflammations.

What to do

Regulating the sebum production and exfoliating the dead skin cells. Do under no circumstances try to squeeze. Rather see a cosmetician on a regular basis.



SKINOVAGE PX Purifying Anti-Aging Cream

The soft 24h-hour intensive care cream reduces effectively skin impurities and has an anti-wrinkle effect. The result: An even, spot-free complexion with a more youthful glowing appearance.

Flawless_Purifying Active_


The active ingredient concentrate counteracts effectively skin blemishes and pimples. The high concentration of shale oil and tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect make the 7-days-cure the perfect first aid partner reducing existing pimples quickly and effectively.

The result: The skin appears clear and perfectly refined.

You see you can do a lot for a perfect skin. But don´t be too critical with yourself.

Just remember: Nobody, absolutely nobody is perfect!!!


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