[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Everyone who considers skin treatment as an important part of their daily routine hopes that the use of textured gels, serums, and creams will lead to a magical improvement. As women we know that the daily use of creams brings back that young, soft, and supple feeling to our skin. It allows us to feel refreshed, and above all, we feel comfortable being ourselves.[/dropcap]

It is no wonder why the new Wonder cream from BABOR (BABOR Reverse Supreme Glow Anti Aging Cream) is not only for the sophisticated BABOR customer; but also for every woman who wants immediate results that will have you looking and feeling younger, with firm and glowing skin.


I am always looking for the best daily use cream that will allow me to wipe away the stress and burden of the day. After a long day sitting in front of the computer, or running around the city, this cream will magically restore your skin to its natural flawless beauty almost effortlessly.

The new cream by BABOR is a daily care sensation! This innovative wonder provides a mousse like texture that melts into your skin as it creates a soft, glimmering, look and feel. Reverse Supreme Glow Anti Aging Cream provides an intensive care for your skin and is ultra light unlike other heavy creams that make your skin feel sticky and greasy. This product includes an ultra fine ingredient; Glow-Tech, that provides instant natural shine to the skin after the first application bringing you back to that fresh skin feel from when you were younger.

An active ingredient from the microalga, Lumicol, reinforces skin’s youthful luminosity, reactivates cell-activity and makes the skin look perfectly smooth and fresh.

The precision formula, implied in all products, is effectively protecting the skin from premature aging and leaves the complexion firm, even and perfectly soft.

With the new Reverse Supreme Glow Anti Aging Cream I have found a product that not only provides what my skin needs, but it allows me to fulfill my dream of using a once daily cream.

Even better, the BABOR Reverse Supreme Glow Anti Aging Cream can be used in combination with our 4 week intensive Reverse Anti-Aging Dual Serum. When combining the use of these two innovative products from the BABOR Reverse line of products, you will be able to realize the complete restorative beauty potential of our system.


Anyone who does not yet know the BABOR Reverse line of products, but would like to try them, has the opportunity to begin with the Reverse Anti-Aging starter set  now.


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