Which is the perfect care system for my sensitive eye area?

Looking for the perfect eye cream is like searching for the perfectly fitted jeans or the ultimate edition mascara; I always have the feeling that I have to find something better, the absolute Non-Plus-Ultra.

Sometimes I guess my requirements are just too high, because the perfect eye cream should help me fight the signs of aging as well as wipe away my under-eye dark circles or puffiness from short nights. There are a lot of challenges these little helpers are supposed to manage.

The difficulty is that the skin around the eyes is much thinner than that of the rest of our face; collagen and elastic fibers are less tightly settled and the subcutaneous fat is completely missing. Exterior and interior stressors can easily leave their marks and mimic wrinkles, crow feet, dark circles and shadows, tear sacks, puffiness and swelling are the visible signs following.



Skinovage PX Anti-Wrinkle Eye Fluid

This deep-acting eye fluid is specifically formulated for a dry eye area with fine lines and wrinkles. A concentrate of active ingredients in a roller applicator stimulates the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid and effectively reduces expression lines.
The eye area is supplied with deep-penetrating moisture and the skin appears fresh, youthful and smooth.



Skinovage PX Cooling Eye Gel

Gone are dryness, swelling, under eye-bags and dark circles. The light, oil-free eye-gel visibly relaxes, refreshes and smooths the overstrained eye region. The cooling massage effect is a plus of this ultra-lightweight eye-gel that is vitalizing, tightening and reducing swellings of the sensitive eye region.



HSR Extra Firming Eye Cream

Anti-Aging par excellence. As we grow older our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles form. The five high-performance cosmetic ingredients of this luxurious anti-wrinkle eye cream work to visibly counteract the appearance of wrinkles including expression and gravitational lines, while improving firmness and elasticity. The individual lifting effect makes the eye area look tighter, smoother and the upper eyelid appears lifted.



DOCTOR BABOR Perfecting Eye Cream

Intensive care with the push of a button. Thanks to its easy to apply cooling roller-ball this wonderful eye cream stick with Actiflow® and natural moisturizers  effectively reduces bags under the eyes and puffiness as well as dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. The skin appears tighter and more firm.



ReVersive anti-aging eye cream

Let your eyes shine. Thanks to the exclusive BABOR precision formula with re-youth complex this amazing light emulsion restores the skin’s youthful radiance in the eye region. It gives the skin an even, firm and smooth overall appearance.


Regardless the specific needs of the sensitive eye area you should pay attention to this part of your face with very special care. You know, your eyes are the mirror to your soul.

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