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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]I suppose many of you know the beauty problem unsightly dents and cracks on the upper arms, legs, stomach and buttocks.[/dropcap]

I always thought as a teenager, my cellulite and stretch marks come from the fact that I just brought a few pounds too much on the scale …. Even as the extra pounds slowly disappeared with a little more sports and a healthier diet, the unsightly dimples and cracks remained me in a milder form. The cellulite and Co. had nothing or little to do with weight and or sports, which is not exactly comforting for me as a body-conscious woman.

Two pregnancies then ensured even for more blue-violet lines that slowly fade. But where do these unsightly skin lesions come from and especially, what can I do?

Although the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite could not be more different, they still have a common cause, a weak connective tissue, which in many cases is a matter of disposition.

But that does not mean to throw all hope of an evenly smooth and firm silhouette over board and to give up without a struggle to accept this unfair condition. Because there can be a lot to do to cellulite, spider veins and co.

First requirement in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks is a stable, healthy weight. The extreme ups and downs through radical diets and related yo-yo effect is exhausting for the organism including binding tissue and leave marks.

Second commandment is definitely the regular Sport. Any type of movement influences a positive appearance on the skin to relief. With a lot of sweat and patience during exercise fat muscle are degrading, strengthened and streamlined the skin surface.

Supportive act also covers all circulation-promoting measures such as contrast showers and brush massages that are all too often happily neglected.

And third, even a daily skin care is not to be underestimated, in order just to prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

My two absolute highlight BABOR products that kill cellulite in a very smooth way are BODY CELLULAR Ultimate 3D cellulite fluid and Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion.


Cellulite&CO_Ultimate _3D_Lotion

DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion is a wonderful firming body lotion that is absorbed super fast. The innovative ingredient complex with caffeine helps to reduce fat accumulation and promotes fat loss. In addition, the Collagen Booster Peptide enhances the strength of the connective tissue and ensure a smoother skin surface.

I personally feel that the sensational light lotion is suitable to be apply after sports and in the morning when time is running short.



The DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR Ultimate 3D cellulite fluid is my personal power training program for smoother and a more even body silhouette. The firming active substance concentrate with innovative ingredient complex supports the reduction of fat storage and fat loss and significantly improves the appearance of my cellulite.

I especially liked to use it after my pregnancy, because I have a feeling that my complexion appeared smoother and the stretch marks appeared less concise.

Both products come with me successful in my daily personal care.


Just as important as the care of the skin in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks is to support the body from the inside. A balanced, healthy diet is the A & O. I take care of what I eat, mainly a base reaching as acidic metabolic residues resulting from a fatty, high sugar and unhealthy diet, otherwise accumulate in the tissue and promote a weak connective tissue.

For my part I have changed my diet, exercise regularly, do sports and support my skin daily with anti-cellulite care BABOR. Maybe it works then in the coming summer season with the tight bikini figure)


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