With more to offer than just their unique appearance, BABOR ampoules are the perfect little beauty boosters to enhance your skincare routine. Stressed skin? Dry skin? Dull skin? Tired skin? — Whatever your skincare concern, we’ve got you covered! As we like to say, there’s an amp for that!

What is an ampoule?

The Sound of Beauty: Pop open one of our supercharged beauty ampoules containing active plant concentrates and precious essences. Used to treat a number of skin conditions, ampoules are a must to add to an everyday beauty ritual for perfect radiant skin.

BABOR ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredients that are hermetically sealed into tiny glass vials, providing an air tight barrier. These precious high-tech ingredients would not survive in a standard serum or cream without this specially protected environment. That means pure, potent, and positively beautiful skin.

Being the creator of the first Beauty Ampoule, these cosmetic masterpieces have been perfected through many years of intense research and development. Due to its effective formulas, BABOR ampoules deliver instant results you can see and feel! They’re extremely easy and fun to use, travel friendly and offer a quick fix for any skin condition.

Target your personal skin type and concerns from our specially developed categories of ampoules:

REPAIR: Correct, pefect, and rejuvenate
  • Multi Vitamin – The vitamin cocktail: vitamin-packed to provide all encompassing care for the skin and strengthen its resistance.
  • Oxygen Plus– The oxygen shower: encapsulated oxygen for tired skin; activates cell respiration and provides intensive protection against free radicals to revitalize tired, stressed skin.
  • Active Night – Beauty sleep: to boost cell metabolism during the deep sleep phase. In the morning, skin looks fresher, more vibrant and plumped up.
  • Active Purifier– The spot banisher: reduces existing spots quickly and prevents new ones from forming
  • Matte Finish– The skin refiner: refines the pores and balances moisture and lipid levels
  • Stop Stress – The relaxing program: reduces sensitivity and lends skin a more even, more relaxed and stronger appearance. Helps to relieve skin irritations and redness.
  • Beauty Rescue – A new start: with its triple action, this fluid reorganizes the skin functions responsible for a youthful appearance
Hydrate: Saturate and plump with intensive moisture
  • Hydra Plus – The moisture boost: intensely hydrates to protect the skin against moisture loss
  • Algae Vitalizer  – A vacation by the sea: thoroughly hydrate and revitalize the skin for a fresh, rosy complexion.
Lift & Firm: Firm, lift and tone for more youthful looking skin
  • Collagen Concentrate – The skin plumper: to combat loss of skin elasticity and stimulate natural collagen production
  • 3D Firming – The contour firmer: creates a smoother complexion and gives the face a re-sculpted appearance
  • Lift Express – Instant lifting: for dull and tired skin. Visibly reduces the depth of lines.

How do you use them?

Ampoules should be used after thoroughly cleansing and toning the skin. Be sure to complete your beauty regimen by applying your favorite BABOR moisturizer afterwards.

To use, just shake, pop, and apply!

  1. Shake up the ampoule
  2. Pop open the ampoule with the aid of a tissue (or alternatively with the enclosed ampoule opener.)
  3. Apply the fluid to the face, neck and décolleté by gently patting or massaging it into the skin, making sure to use all of the product!
  4. Fall in love with your skin!

Tailored for all individual needs, BABOR ampoules are a true staple for all beauty and skincare regimens, so get shopping! SHOP NOW >



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