[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]At times when we all are on the hunt for the ultimate beauty products to ensure us the absolute perfect complexion, I am pretty sure we all have heart of cosmeceuticals.[/dropcap]

I was first introduced to this new miracle skin care category when itmade their appearance in the 90’s. The efficiant hybrid of Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals soon became one of the fastest-growing sectors of the skincare industry.

The outstanding cosmeceutical skin care products are combining the newest standards of science and medicine and are the result of decade long experience with highly efficient ingredients developing innovative High-Performance formulas and the conception of innovative treatment methods.

Solving most common beauty issues, cosmeceuticals show clinically proven results and convince with visible effects.
Honestly, I have been very sceptical at first. But like everyone who once tried cosmeceuticals I was truly convinced by the amazing results, especially using the products of DOCTOR BABOR.
As a pioneer of professional skin care, Dr. Michael Babor, biochemist and founder of Babor Cosmetics started in the 60s unlocking the secrets of natural active ingredients and using them in its highly effectiv, precision cosmetics “Made in Germany”.
With its innovative, high-performance formulas, DOCTOR BABOR sets the highest possible standards in the sector of cosmeceuticals – science dedicated to beauty delivering visible results and precise solutions.
Launching DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular and Biogen in 2008, BABOR raised the bar, setting completely new standards in the cosmeceuticals by using innovative high-performance formulas made of natural and highly effecient ingredients.
This year DOCTOR BABOR is getting a new packaging with new color codes helping the customer to identify the series and to orientate easier on shelves.
The serie BIOGEN CELLLAR will be re-launched as REPAIR CELLULAR, re-positioning a couple of products  (ECM Serum, Caling Serum, Protecting Balm and Body Cream).
Focusing on restoration and regeneration, the eight products of this line cover all the needs of skin regeneration with their biologically active ingredients. They support the skin to recover and regenerate from stress, wounds, burn marks, scars or plastic surgical operations.
My private beauty secret of this line is the “wonder cream”‘, the Repair Cellular Ultimare Repair Cream. This cream totally changed the appearance of my dry skin and has saved me from some nasty scaring.
You should try it yourself and be overwhelmed by the precision formulas of DOCTOR BABOR.

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