[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]One year it has already been since I have discovered for myself the sensational DOCTOR BARBOR Bi-Phase ampoules. Ever since time seems to run backwards, because my skin has never had a more radiant look before.[/dropcap]

The new world attraction, which was introduced as a revolutionary breakthrough in lipid research in the last year, has convinced me that healthy youthful radiance is just one ampoule away. And not only me, but for many others as well. The Glow Booster Ampoule is now ranking among the bestsellers at BABOR.

The other two DOCTOR BABOR Booster are a first class in itself.

No wonder, because the innovative 2-phase texture combines the immediate effect of a high potent serum with the rich caregiving effect of a vegetable oil, making them an essential that belongs to any beauty routine.

Within seconds, the concentrated high-tech ingredients activate for the beauty of your skin is active and the microfine lipids create the perfect feeling on the skin of a cream without shine.

Each of the three booster has a specific role here.




Anti-Aging par excellence

For a first-class Instant lifting, the Youth Control ampoules makes a secret recipe for wrinkles and sagging contours. The bi-phase ampoule visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles, firms the contours and complexion, which gives it simply a smoother, firmer, visibly younger appearance.

Hello Perfection!









It is all about the glow

My personal favorite and seemingly also yours ? Are The Glow Booster ampoules. The small active concentrated ingredients awaken any tired, dull skin to a new level. No only in those short nights it is an absolute beauty highlight that gives perfection to both the skin tone and texture of the skin surface.

It is perfect everyday choice for wonderfully smooth skin and  youthful luminosity.  My complexion has not been that incredibly radiant for a long time.

Hello sunshine!








Stress no more

This ampoule is the perfect SOS helper in my beauty-case. If my skin is “flipped upside down” and reacts sensitive and stressed, there is nothing better than the stress-relief bi-phase ampoules. After a short time I have the feeling that the redness and irritation are alleviated from my skin. Moreover, my skin feels firmer and looks visibly more rested and even in tone.

Hello relaxation!






The application of the Bi-Phase Ampoules is simple: Give it a quick shake in order to connect the two phases perfectly and then apply generously on face, neck and décolleté – the contents of one ampoule is definitely enough for the whole area.

The bi-phase ampoules BABOR leave anything but a sensational velvety feel to the skin without a shine.


Conclusion: The BABOR Birthday Kids are absolute A-Class! Try it yourself.

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