We all count down the days till our summer vacation and convince ourselves we are prepared. But why is it that we always seem to pack last minute? We’ve known about the trip for months on end but still leave it to the powers that be to get everything done in time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The following tips we came up with should put your mind at ease!



Remember to pack your sunnies to keep the skin around your eyes safe! Choose sunglasses that have at least 98 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays—100 percent is ideal! But shades aren’t meant solely for blocking the sun, they are often the focal point of an outfit. With an excess amount of styles to choose from, the options are endless.  These Elizabeth and James’ Mckinley shades provide the necessary coverage you need while still sporting a look we love. 


Invest in a waterproof or woven beach bag that can double as your carry-on! Not only can you utilize the minimal space you are allotted on an airplane, but you can also do


so in style. Whether you are going on a trip with your besties or on a getaway with your significant other, a beach bag is a must. THIS Mar Y Sol bag is to die for!







Ever come back from a vacation with less than perfect skin? With travel comes stress, and with stress come breakouts! Consider BABOR’s new
SKINOVAGE Travel Set. A 5-Piece TSA Approved kit that contains essentials for all skin types at great value!

  1. Cleanser: HY-OL + Phytoactive Base
  2. Serum: Skinovage Intensifier Moisture Plus Serum
  3. Cream: Skinovage Vita Balance Oxygen Energizing Cream
  4. Eye Cream: Skinovage Sensational Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
  5. Reusable Travel Bag




If you’re like us, you rely on your phone for just about everything. It’s an alarm clock, communication device, camera and so much more. Utilize your device by downloading apps that will make traveling easier! Whether you are in a new country or just across county lines, there is definitely an app out there that can aid you with any problem you face.

  1. Citymapper: This is perfect for when you are in a big city like New York or London, as it tells you the best routes to get from point A to point B!
  2. Duolingo: If you need to brush up on your Italian before your trip to the Amalfi Coast, this app acts as a refresher and teacher for the phrases you NEED to know. Champagne, per favore!
  3. Uber/Lyft: You most likely already have this on your phone, but you may not be aware that it is available in almost every country!
  4. XE Currency: The last thing we want to do on holiday is spend more than we think we are. Currency conversions can be tricky, but by downloading this app you will be sure to stay in budget!


This tip may seem a bit odd, as you most likely don’t plan on doing laundry during your vacation. However, packing dryer sheets in your suitcase is a brilliant secret that we are going to let you in on. Our clothes lose their “just-out-of-the-laundry” smell rather quickly, so, to trick our noses into thinking they are as fresh as can be, we recommend placing dryer sheets in between your clothes. In order to keep your clothes smelling clean, bring a laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes into!





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